Trey Donovan Drake:
Web and e-commerce development

Information Architecture:
The practice of organizing the information, content,
and functionality of a web site so that it presents the best user
experience it can, with information and services being easily
usable and findable



web development

Background in html/css/JavaScript, Content Management Systems, API and database technologies, concentrating on your business logic and objectives.

web design

Developing websites to express your brand or services, whether it's brick-and-mortar, or completely online. We use mobile-first development strategies and focus on SEO, towards your success.

e-commerce development

Shopify and Woocommerce development and integrations with your preferred framework, enhancing and integrating your sales systems.

Mailing list and CRM setup/management

Infusionsoft/Keap is my specialty, with integrations, onboarding, campaign development and more. I can design and consult on various CRM and marketing automations.

Content Management Dev and Admin

From simple to complex, "Headless" React and Wordpress development, integrations, Woocommerce, membership sites, theme and plugin dev.


Virtual private servers, exclusive shared hosting, domain registration, network administration and IT management for your small business.


IT Systems Lead

Mind in Motion Inc.

August 2014 - August 2021

Systems architect and Web developer. Design, development and administration of content management systems, membership sites, hosting/server provisioning and tuning, systems administration, IT/Project management, CRM and client database systems design/management (Keap, Infusionsoft), sales and marketing support, training.

Developed distance-learning instructional guides & proprietary video training library.

Discovered/Proposed/Implemented solutions for virtually all IT requirements for well-established internationally renowned training company

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Mind in Motion Online

Mind in Motion Online

Mind in Motion Online is an internationally renowned online graduate school developed by Larry Goldfarb, to enhance the Feldenkrais Method® trainings established by him in the 1980's. It's essentially a distance-learning membership site, an online and live course registration platform, based on the popular BuddyBoss platform for Wordpress. I implemented iMember360 to integrate the Keap/Infusionsoft marketing/CRM database, and a number of custom enhancements to the core Wordpress application. There are two sub-sites in the infrastructure: one that integrates a multimedia Library for distributing video, audio and print documents to students, dependent on their level in the school, over the AWS Cloudfront CDN; the second is a "Lesson Locator" for all Feldenkrais Method® students, independent of their involvement in the MIMO school.



Photonmetrics is a small company that makes photovoltaic and climatic monitoring software and hardware sensors primarily for Earthship-based research on autonomous homes. I myself own an Earthship, and was recruited to build the frontend applications for realtime delivery of statistical data to end-users. As this project is ongoing, the lastest iterations involve transfer of data charts from a proprietary logging/charting matrix to Django REST Framework , and displaying streaming charts in a React-based front end UI.



MovementLab's site is a rebuild for dance, yoga and wellness teacher, Nadine Lollino. I upgraded her Wordpress to incorporate a subcription-based online yoga studio at the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns in 2020, enabling her to continue teaching her students nationwide and internationally. The site has a variety of subscription and drop in class offerings, as well as a video library of all the classes she records, which are also offered on a subscription basis.I additionally implemented an online radio station to broadcast CD-quality audio for Nadine's Zoom-based dance classes, while all the dance studios in town were closed for over a year.

Rivera Sun

Rivera Sun

Rivera Sun is a change-maker, a cultural creative, a protest novelist, and an advocate for nonviolence and social justice. She is the author of The Dandelion Insurrection, The Way Between and other novels. She is the editor of Nonviolence News. Her study guide to making change with nonviolent action is used by activist groups across the country. Her essays and writings are syndicated by Peace Voice, and have appeared in journals nationwide. I helped redesign and deploy Rivera's site, after an audit of the site and store framework she was using, then rebuilt her main blog site, and integrated a Shopify-based bookstore, which has been a big step up for sales and shipping of her writings.

Earthship Biotecture

Earthship Biotecture

Earthships are a type of house built with natural and recycled materials with energy conservation in mind. It is designed to produce water, electricity, and food for its own use.Earthship Biotecture designs, builds, rents, and repairs Earthships, as well as run an academy which teaches people how to build and maintain them. I bought one in 2019 and have been very satisfied with the decision to live off grid and sustainably.The site, which InfoArc redesigned and deployed, is an ongoing work, with updates to the web systems and integration with the Academy's offerings, builder networks, and a global interest in the burgeoning field of sustainable and autonomous building.

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Barry Green

Barry Green

Bassist, author, educator; Inner Game of Music

I've been working with Trey for over 15 years. He has masterfully designed many websites for me including Golden Gate Bass Camps (every year), Inner Game of Music, Mastery of Music, Green Arts Network, San Diego Bass Explosion and several more on the horizon. His work is of the highest quality including the most recent trends and tools in print, design, media, sound, video, graphics, etc. Trey's customer service is tops. He makes me feel like I'm the only person he is working for.

Betsy McNair

Betsy McNair

Culinary Tour Entrepreneur; My Mexico Tours

Trey, the new and improved My Mexico Tours site is awesome. It's clean, bold, and superbly user friendly, exactly what I wanted. And I really enjoyed the process of getting it there, you were great to work with - responsive, on time, and clear.

Renée Restivo

Renée Restivo

Writer & Cooking Instructor; Soul of Sicily

Trey Donovan made my dream for a Soul of Sicily cooking school website a reality. His enthusiasm, passion and attention to detail helped to make the project a success. His work combines the structural with the creative, and the results he produced exceeded my expectations. When I needed the Soul of Sicily website in time for my presentation at The New York Times Travel Show in NYC, Trey produced it on deadline so that my audience could view my website on their iPhones.

Lee Hartley, Ed.D. MFT

Lee Hartley, Ed.D. MFT

Psychotherapist & Educator

Trey's website designs are awesome! He asks pertinent questions, listens and gives many good suggestions. He was so helpful in keeping me focused--not only on the process, but also on completion within a short time frame. Trey makes setting up and maintaining an attractive, innovative website a smooth process. I'm impressed!

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